Lecturers’ testimonials



Summer Programme brings students from 4 countries: Russia, Poland, Britain and Cyprus, there is a very good networking between them. They are learning a lot of things about finance, they are seeing how it works in practice here, in the local banking system, and they are seeing a bit the island. Overall it’s a Programme that leaves them all very satisfied with experience.
It’s not only good experience for the students but it’s also good experience for teaching, for people like myself. We get to meet students that we don’t meet in our own universities. It’s different environment here, they are more relaxed, you can talk about what young people feel today. Here I’m learning and teaching at the same time, and this is wonderful experience.



Someone once said, “Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten”.
From what I’ve seen, this programme attracts young people who are intellectually entranced in what they do. By that, I mean these people are very aware of the reasons why they study economics and seek for additional opportunities and alternative sources.
I always talk to the students after giving a lecture; these people are firmly committed to constant growth and learning beyond institutional curricula, they take interest in international affairs, geopolitics, history of economics and areas where it intersects with other sciences. I’m impressed by their knowledge of economics (or rather, the sheer scope of it going beyond the standard academic knowledge).
But their interest is not limited to organisation of society and even the science itself, as most of them are resolute on preserving and expanding the network formed, being conscious that it could very well act as a foundation to their future initiatives through potential cooperation while they will be working in different banks and companies.
It is thoughtful of Mr Zimarin to implement the noble idea of giving hundreds of young people a remarkable opportunity to grow in a high-level academic environment here in Cyprus.
Just one week of the programme can open a window and give them a chance to become ones of the most influential people in the financial world.
“This programme attracts young people who are intellectually entranced in what they do.”

“This programme attracts young people who are intellectually entranced in what they do.”

Students’ testimonials


I’ve been a member of 2019 Programme and I really enjoyed being here in Cyprus, being able to engage with people from different cultures and different backgrounds. I think that the most important part of the Programme is the relationship you can establish here. I believe that everyone who will be selected to participate in ESPCY and coming to Cyprus will be enjoying time, making connections and getting a deep understanding of Cyprus and Hellenic culture. If you are selected for the next year, don’t be shy, open yourself to the others, you will enjoy it.


What I enjoyed the most was getting to learn more about the culture when it comes from historical lectures and art gallery visit to local food. Going to local taverns and hearing local music, that was brilliant. On top of that, I think that academic credentials were absolutely great and the academic curriculum was just brilliant. I wish for summer programme to continue and I think it was a real privilege to attend this.


I really enjoyed the lectures that took place within the Programme over the last 7 days as well as the field trips which were also very enjoyable. I would like to say just one thing for the future participants: if you are selected for this, you are in for excellent time and this is the experience of a lifetime.


I’d like to thank the organisers for hosting this nice event. Thank you for taking care of us, it’s a hard thing to do and you did it very well. And most importantly, I’d like to say that during this experience I found out how beautiful this country is and how welcoming people are here and I’ll do my best to promote Cyprus and let more Chinese people know about my experience.


I’d like to take this opportunity to express my wholehearted gratefulness which, no doubt, is felt by all students without exception. Participating in such projects isn’t a privilege that falls upon anyone. It’s like winning a prize, even if you’re aware of the substantial effort you put in for it. As for those who did get into the project – what a sensational lot! I very much wish to stay in touch with everyone with an ultimate ambition of working together in a start-up of a multinational business. Each of them is a bright star, and together we formed a summer constellation of the project – a future of international banking.


I just want to say a big thank you to Mr Zimarin for the idea and its exquisite realization! This week at the school has become a turning point in professional growth for many of us. We received copious amounts of knowledge relayed to us in a strikingly concentrated manner from unique sources. I can’t imagine anything anywhere that would so effectively pass on such volumes of information and practical skills. A special thank you for the extracurricular programme. I’ve attended a number of student programmes in various countries but have never experienced anything even remotely similar. By that, I mean the ideal balance between the formal and informal parts and the very attitude towards students which was warm and genuine (something that was often pointed out by students of other nationalities). I really hope to stay in touch with the fellow students, teachers, and, of course, our groovy organisers!


I can say that RCB’s summer school was an excellent opportunity to learn about the basics of the global banking system. The content was delivered by both practitioners and academics such as Nobel laureate Christopher Pissarides which made a great mix. Beyond the classes, it was awesome to get to know ambitious students from around the world while exploring Cyprus with all it has to offer. I definitely recommend the summer school to anyone and thank RCB for organising it.


The whole organisation was at a high level. There were several excursions, enough free time, and a trip to the Presidential Palace. The lectures were very interesting, some things we already knew, but for example, the specifics of the EU and Cyprus turned out to be new. We became friends with a lot of people, and on our last day we didn’t want to leave and were ready to stay there for at least another week.