Slide Our Mission

We train future economists to be lifelong independent learners and contributors to the world they live in.


We have created a social and educational platform that goes beyond classroom learning and embraces real-world experiences.

We believe that education can be a vibrant holistic experience allowing students to gain knowledge directly through practical application.

We have complemented our integrated curriculum with the latest practices and methodologies so as to prepare future generations for a successful and fulfilling professional and personal life.


The Economic Summer Programme in Cyprus is an innovative, forward-looking educational project in economics.

We welcome students, both from Cyprus and abroad, to join the project and to scrutinize the challenges of the new economy, transformation, and leadership together.

We are certain that Cyprus is the ideal place to fulfil our Mission and proudly promote it as a great destination for studies.

About us

We have developed an international social and educational platform for the next generation of economists.